Essence Bracelets

Pandora Essence Bangle Bracelet PAR596006


The perfect carrier for your beautiful assortment of ESSENCE charms, it is ideal for stacking and ca..

Pandora Essence Bangle Bracelet With Affection Charm 11589942


Show someone how much they mean to you with this sterling silver bracelet gift set. Strung on our po..

Pandora Essence Bangle Bracelet With Friendship Charm 11589934


The perfect gift to give to the best friend in your life or to wear as a token of your meaningful bo..

Pandora Essence Bangle Bracelet With Love Charm 11590874


This bracelet gift set is the perfect way to show someone how much you care. This sterling silver se..

Pandora Essence Beaded Silver Bracelet PAR596002


This sterling silver beaded bracelet has been specially developed for The ESSENCE COLLECTION charms ..

Pandora Essence Bracelet Silver 14k PAR596003


The slender, hand-finished PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION bracelet in two-tone: sterling silver with a 1..

Pandora Essence Cz Open Bangle PAR597229CZ


This chic open bangle in sterling silver makes a wonderful carrier for your ESSENCE COLLECTION charm..

Pandora Essence Silver Bracelet PAR596000


The ESSENCE COLLECTION slender bracelet in sterling silver. Express the essence of you by collecting..

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